Shipping to Nepal – Time, cost, custom duty in Nepal

Shipping to Nepal – Time, cost, custom duty in Nepal

Are you planning to ship to Nepal? Neighboring India in the south and China in the North, Nepal has now become an important country in the world for tourism having the great Himalayas and Mount Everest with other beautiful natural surroundings.

Shipping to Nepal is admittedly exciting but also has a few major shipping and moving factors to keep in mind while you relocate or even ship your belongings to South Asian Country Nepal. Shipping to Nepal from any country in the world is not as easy compared to other countries, as Nepal has multiple remote locations and extreme weather conditions it requires a huge logistics network for a successful delivery, which SFL Worldwide excels in.

Shipping to Nepal Cost

While you choose to send a parcel to Nepal, you also have to choose the mode of transport according to your requirements; you can choose to ship your belongings to Nepal by Air or by Ocean. Shipping to Nepal or sending a parcel to Nepal via air is considered to be pricier than shipping to Nepal via ocean. The expensive rates while shipping via air are justified by quick deliveries while shipping via ocean is comparatively cheaper with a longer transit time.

How much time does it take to ship to Nepal?

Depending on your choice of transport you can calculate the estimated time of shipping to Nepal, the other factor that determines the transit time of your shipment is the country you are shipping from. If you are looking for quick deliveries you can always opt-in for express shipping to Nepal via air. On the other side if you have all the time to send your shipment to Nepal you can go with ocean freight, which in return saves you a lot of money.

How to send goods to Nepal?

If you are planning to send goods to Nepal, the appropriate option would be choosing cargo shipping to Nepal. In Cargo shipping, you can economically send goods to Nepal via ocean freight in a personal or shared container. If you are relocating to Nepal with a lot of goods, we advise opting in for an FCL, which means Full Container Load. Choosing an FCL is appropriate for shipping furniture to Nepal or even shipping huge boxes to Nepal. In an FCL you will not share the container with any other customers shipping to the same country and also get the benefits of a quicker delivery compared to an LCL. While, if you have only a few boxes to be shipped to Nepal, opting in for LCL would be a wise decision as you will save a huge amount by sharing containers with other customers for your shipment to Nepal.

Shipping to Nepal Options

Upon choosing SFL Worldwide for your shipping to Nepal needs, we offer you a varied range of shipping options for your tailored shipping requirement. As we have a vast network of logistics partners we provide the below services by multiple carriers.

  • USPS Shipping to Nepal
  • DHL Shipping to Nepal
  • FedEx Shipping to Nepal
  • International shipping to Nepal
  • Cheapest Shipping to Nepal
  • Parcel to Nepal services
  • Send clothes to Nepal
  • Send Mails to Nepal

Prohibited shipping items to Nepal

Every country has its own list of items that cannot be shipped to their country, while Nepal also has its own list with the below few items that are strictly prohibited.

  1. Bird Feathers
  2. Batteries – Haz and Non-Haz
  3. Bio Products – Haz and Non-Haz
  4. Blank Stock
  5. Chemicals – Haz and Non-Haz.
  6. Collectible Coins and Collectible Stamps
  7. Airline tickets, etc

You can get a full list of prohibited shipping items here.

Customs duty in Nepal

Nepal customs use the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) for the classification purpose where the Import duty rates vary from zero to 80 percent. While shipping goods to Nepal, the goods are liable for a value-added Tax which is around 13 percent levied on CIF plus customs duty value.  You can always contact us for any customs duty related queries prior to your shipment.

Shipping to Nepal from USA

While shipping to Nepal from USA, you have to keep a few factors in mind to avoid any kind of inconveniences in the entire shipping process for your parcel from USA to Nepal. Shipping to Nepal in Asia from USA in North America has a huge distance of around 7900 miles, which is time-consuming compared to other countries. Shipping via ocean freight can take anywhere between 90 to 120 days depending on weather conditions, while shipping via air is estimated to arrive at the destination in 7-14 business days.

Shipping to Nepal from UK

Shipping to Nepal from the United kingdom is covered with a distance of around 4500 miles, which is time-consuming as well, Cargo shipping to Nepal via ocean has an ETA of 60 to 90 days while shipping to Nepal via air has a transit time of 7-14 days. Choosing your shipping option to Nepal is very important depending on your needs, SFL Worldwide offers free shipping to Nepal consultation and provide tailored shipping solutions according to your requirement.

Shipping to Nepal from India

India is the closest and most friendly neighboring country to Nepal, and thus shipping via air and road are the possible ways you can get your parcel delivered in Nepal be it the capital city Kathmandu or a remote location in the hills. SFL Worldwide specializes in shipping to Nepal from India with a varied range of shipping and moving solutions. Sending a single document or moving your entire house to Nepal has never been easier upon choosing SFL Worldwide as your shipping partner.

Shipping to Nepal Services

Upon choosing SFL Worldwide for your Nepal shipment, we stand by your side in the entire shipping process starting from the initial pickup to the final delivery supporting you with the below services:

  • Shipping to Nepal Tracking System
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Easy customs clearance for Nepal
  • Dedicated agent for your entire shipment
  • Express Delivery to Nepal
  • Insurance on goods for your shipment to Nepal
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